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 Geographical history

The county town of Albi is located in Midi Pyrénées became the Occitan region since 1 January 2016.(south west of France). 
Built on the banks of the Tarn river, the city is placed at the center of the department, between Massif central and Bassin Aquitain.

The Castelviel district is one of the four medieval district surrounding  Ste Cecile cathedral, jewel and emblem of the city. Those districts and the cathedral make up an exceptional housing complex of brick which is unique in Europe by its color, its strength and harmony.
In the 13th century, the Castelviel community had four consuls and privilèges such as the right of having pigeon houses, the right of fishing or hunt rights. This district also had its own church dedicated to St Loup which remains today a modest steeple in the street of the same name.

Close to the steeple of this cottage named after the story of its street and district, it crouches in the shadow of the cathedral at the bottom of the street which is actually a dead end.

Albi in vidéo

Albi in pictures


Music Preview
"Quatu Organ"

Christophe Moucherel organ of the Cathedral of St. Cecile in Albi
Concerto in D minor for oboe (oboe and organ)

Se Canto 
François-Henry Labey
(Organ, Soprano and Oboe)